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Rare rescued birds released at Plett Game Reserve

Article via CXpress

Photo: Mike Bridgeford

MikeBTania Robson from Radical Raptors rehab centre for birds of prey shares the story of two rescued Secretary birds and their journey to Plett Game Reserve.  
After the June fires, we were inundated with injured and exhausted raptors at our rehabilitation centre behind the restaurant and shops at The Heath. These feathered victims included two Secretary birds – a first for us in eight years of operating the centre! The birds were picked up at two different locations and both of them were starving. We found the young female close to Knysna Lagoon while the other, an adult male, was picked up at Kranshoek, just off Plett’s Airport Road. We have nursed them back to health for almost three months now and before we knew it, the time to release them had arrived. Most of the winter cold is now a thing of the past, and we knew spring would be the perfect month to do a double release at Plett Game Reserve. This rare and wonderful treat took place on Monday morning September 11 at 10am – what a big, beautiful fuss, with photographers aplenty to capture the joyous occasion!
Please let us know if you spot these rare survivors around the reserve.