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Protect Our Rhino Silver Coin

Protect Our Rhino

We need your help…

According to, poachers have killed at least 5940 African rhinos. The situation is dire and absolutely heartbreaking, with at least 1338 rhinos killed by poachers across Africa in 2015, 1175 of those in South Africa. South Africa has the largest rhino population in the world but the poaching continues – a pathway of blood across the country.


Our vision to Protect our Rhino

Plett Game Reserve is 2000 hectares and located in the Southern Cape of South Africa. Currently home to only two rhinos, we are permitted to provide a home to a total of 70 rhinos and  are working towards opening the reserve to more rescued rhinos – a place where they can be safe and free, and protected.

Protect Our Rhino Silver Coin

Protect Our Rhino Silver Coin

Plett Game Reserve, although large enough to give the rhinos and other animals free roam, is small enough to be policed and the rhinos closely monitored. The bush of Plett Game Reserve is open without many places for poachers to hide. Another positive aspect is that Plett Game Reserve is surrounded on all sides by river and cliffs with only a single entrance, making it even more difficult for poachers to move freely into the reserve.

Our challenge

Our challenge lies in financing the Rhino Project, targeted as they are. We aim to give them 24-hour protection in the form of guards, cameras, drones and patrols. Our primary objective is keeping the rhinos safe from poachers, with the aim that they will breed and strengthen the species, one day at a time.

We are living in a time and place that is watching the extinction of a unique animal in slow motion. Every opportunity to stop just one more rhino death, save one more animal from an inhumane and awful slaughter. This is our vision. This is our dream. And also, our challenge.

In order to raise funds for our Rhino Project, we have designed a signature Rhino Project coin, pure silver for those wishing to show their support for our South African Rhinos. All proceeds from the sale of this coin will go to our Rhino Project fund.

For just $60 USD (including international postage) you can own a piece of history and help us to make a difference in the fight against poaching and rhino extinction.

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Rhino Project Coin