Plett Game Reserve


Plett Game Reserve pictures: September 2017

Sunset is always a beautiful time in bush; as the sun slides towards the horizon, the veld turns first gold and then orange as the sun sets, making for some beautiful golden hour photos of the wildlife at Plettenberg Bay Game Reserve.  

Waterbuck sightings at Plett Game Reserve

We have some incredible sightings at Plett Game Reserve, from both horse safari and game drive and one of our most photogenic animals would have to be the elegant Waterbuck. Luckily for us, Waterbucks are quite sedentary in nature offering us opportunities to view these magnificent buck as they move[…]

Gentle giants at Plett Game Reserve

There are is no other word to describe a giraffe but graceful. Impossibly, unimaginably graceful. When you spot that dusty head amongst the trees, nibbling on a tree and loping amongst the bush, what a thrill – the world’s tallest living terrestrial animal. But then the giraffe steps out onto[…]

Braoness Lodge at Plett Game Reserve

Warm winter at Plett Game Reserve & Baroness Lodge

When you think of winter in Plettenberg Bay, what comes to mind? Windswept beaches, crashing waves and freezing weather? You’d be wrong on all counts. Winter in Plettenberg Bay is a mild affair – sunny, windless days and mildly fresh nights are what you can expect, with the odd winter[…]

Seen on horse safari at Plett Game Reserve

NOTE: Horseback safaris are no longer offered at Plett Game Reserve Take a moment to slip back in time: open plains drenched in golden autumn light, almost complete silence and cool fresh air. The only sound that breaks your silent immersion in nature is the snap of horseshoes on the[…]

A parade of elephants

There is something truly mesmerizing about a herd of elephants marching single file through the bush. Odette Kruger managed to capture this unbelievable footage of Harry’s Herd at Plett Game Reserve, parading along at sunset, making for a gorgeous silhouette of their gracious progress. Enjoy!  

Plett Game Reserve Pictures: February 2017

Plett Bay Game Reserve is Plettenberg Bay’s only Big Five game reserve and hosts both overnight and day visitors to a 4×4 game drive or a horse safari. The reserve is 2000 with plenty of space for the animals to roam. The introduction of elephants, Harry’s Herd, in 2016 has brought[…]

5 facts about the rhino and how you can help

5 Facts about the rhino Rhinos were once abundant throughout Africa and Asia, however extensive poaching is pushing this species closer and closer to extinction. Poachers have killed almost 6000 rhinos in Africa since 2008. South Africa has the largest rhino population in the world and, therefore, has a responsibility[…]

Horse Safari at Plett Game Reserve

NOTE: Horseback safaris are no longer offered at Plett Game Reserve Horse safaris are a very popular offering from Plett Game Reserve. South African and international visitors are enthralled by the idea of stepping back in time to an era of horse transport and abundant wildlife in the Garden Route.[…]