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Plettenberg Bay Game Reserve (PBGR) was privileged to host the first day of The BUCO Dr Evils Classic

A flying start at Plettenberg Bay Game Reserve!

Plettenberg Bay Game Reserve (PBGR) was privileged to host the first day of The BUCO Dr Evils Classic 3-day MTB Stage Race this past September. Hundreds of enthusiastic riders marveled at this special venue and at the incredible game that call PBGR home. The event was a huge success and the organisers of this prestigious race were more than happy. It isn’t often that riders are able to snake through the brush with elephants, rhino, buck and zebra looking on but at PBGR the dream was made a reality. Pristine forests and fields made it a superb venue for MTB riders and chatting to the cyclists before and after the race, it was evident that this is a definite for the annual riding calendar.

of The BUCO Dr Evils Classic

You don’t have to be part of a stage race to enjoy the spoils of cycling through the reserve though. A morning of hard riding and wildlife spotting, followed by a lazy lunch, will see you beaming with positive bush vibes. Sit back and relax while the hosts take care of your every need. Spend a little time and watch the animals come to drink at dusk. This is honestly the closest you will ever come to the magnificent wildlife that roam the reserve. Lion, buffalo, elephant, zebra, blue wildebeest, a variety of buck, bushpig, caracal, cheetah, giraffe, hippo, honey badger, leopard and more are in residence. Enjoy a two-hour safari while the guide will educate you on the idiosyncrasies of the various species. You can even do the safari on horseback. Nothing says ‘connect with nature’ quite like a safari on horseback.

In a world where man made structures and noise pollution are rampant, the stillness of the bush is something everyone needs to experience. A safari holiday is guaranteed to slow down the pace and at Plett Game Reserve, the staff are focused on helping you do just that. The establishment has a rich history. Baron von Plettenberg was the governor of the Cape of Good Hope from 1771 to 1785. As a conservationist Baron Van Plettenberg was concerned about deforestation in the area and thus suggested that a control post be erected to prevent the overuse of timber. enjoyed the Plett area so much, he built the lodge’s original building as his base to hunt and explore the untamed South African landscapes. Today, that base is still the core of Baroness Game Lodge and while they have added on additional buildings, the lodge still retains its “out of Africa” feel, with original polished cement or yellowwood floors and high ceilings. Spending time in this lodge is like taking a step back in time to an era when the nature and her bounty were treasured and celebrated.

of The BUCO Dr Evils Classic

Like Von Plettenberg you too can stand in the doorway and watch the passing of African animals on their way to the water hole, hear the calling of birds and watch the sun set over the Tsitsikamma Mountains. Enjoy the rugged beauty of Plett at PBGR. You deserve it.