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5 reasons to book a game drive in Plett

Plett Game Reserve is such a fabulous place to visit. We recently asked people their reasons for visiting the game reserve and came up with some interesting results:

  1. Where else can you see a selection of animals of animals like this in just two hours? Not everyone has a week in which to leisurely spot animals on their holiday. At Plett Game Reserve you are guaranteed to see lions, rhino, giraffe, zebra and many other species in the time that the safari takes to complete. A sure winner!
  2. The guides are amazingly informative and educated. Their knowledge will astound you. If you don’t come away from the game drive having learnt something new, we’ll eat our hats. And our hats aren’t that tasty, so we’re pretty confident we can back that statement up!
  3. The reserve is only a twenty minute drive from the center of Plett. If you’re staying in Plett, it’s an easy day trip. Not that we don’t want you to stay with us… we do!
  4. The refreshments after the game drive are delicious. We know that you’ll be thirsty and maybe a bit peckish after your game viewing experience, so our restaurant offers an enticing array of drinks and light meals to rejuvenate those sugar levels.
  5. Buying a souvenir from a real game reserve in Africa is a great reminder of the experience. Our gift shop is stocked with great mementos to take home with you after your visit. Fluffy rhino anyone?

These are just five of the reasons you should visit the Plett Game Reserve on a game drive, but we’re sure once you’ve been you’ll be able to come up with a few more yourself.

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